The design of these shows implies, more and less subtly, a critique of wealth itself. Come for the private jets, stay for the inevitable dehumanization.

(+68) 120034509The result is a simple, seasonal hub not just for tourists but for the local community, a place for good fried chicken, big, hunky salads and cans of beer on the patio overlooking the mountains.

— Melissa Gluck


But despite all this attention, the mystery lives on, unsolved.

(+68) 120034509____

For a military that once spanned the globe, this squad of some 1,000 troops and assorted armor represents the largest British battle group deployed anywhere in the world. Budget cuts have led to sharp reductions in troops, equipment and investment, and analysts warn that Britain is no longer capable of defending its homeland by itself.


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The relentless drive of Mr. Trump and his top foreign policy officials to pressure smaller nations has inflamed allies. The damage to relations will be difficult to repair even after Mr. Trump leaves office, diplomats warn, because of rising rancor and a huge erosion of trust that could lead allies to strengthen ties with other powers.

Why it’s important: We now know that James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director, wanted to make sure that his contemporaneous memorandum about his dinner with the president made it into the hands of the press. In May 2017, The Times revealed Mr. Comey’s account of this meeting, detailing the president’s insistence that he pledge his loyalty. The report makes clear that, despite the administration’s denials, The Times’s reporting on this meeting is accurate.


23 Comments• Our recap of Season 2.

And as with migrants, when it comes to the wolf, emotions seems to matter more than facts.

With the sounds of a tropical night all around, Bill told us that the Great House was knocked down soon after my grandfather died, but years passed before two buildings housing several multimillion dollar condos were built on the site.

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23 CommentsShe could also tell how he was nervous. “At dinner, he kept playing with his food,” she said. “It took him a little while to relax.”

Dr. Oehler was involved with the Mars Express research but not the Trace Gas Orbiter findings.

Fear stokes anger, which then stokes more fear. Anger is the child of fear, the philosopher Martha Nussbaum writes in her book, “The Monarchy of Fear.” The fearful person turns asocial, rejects any compassionate response to social problems and instead lashes out.

Publicly, American officials will say only that the battle happened in a North African “host” country. The Tunisian authorities have refused to confirm that anything happened at all.


23 Comments‘R.H. QUAYTMAN: +X, CHAPTER 34’ at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (through April 23). At the summit of the Guggenheim’s spiraling rotunda, this show appears as if the exhibition of the Swedish artist Hilma af Klint, on the floors below, had suddenly exploded into 28 fragments. Quaytman made this series of works in 2018 in response to af Klint’s oeuvre from the last century, and Quaytman is the perfect artist to answer af Klint: Af Klint worked in series, and Quaytman works in what she calls “chapters.” Where af Klint took orders from spirits she claimed to have contacted through séances, Quaytman, for this project, has adopted af Klint as her higher power, working in a more secular, channeled collaborative vein. And where af Klint offers a bright, dynamic symphony, Quaytman responds with a spare, restrained and slightly dissonant tone poem. (Schwendener) 212-423-3575, guggenheim.org

“For your next hit, make sure you get it on the barrel,” Van Wagenen said.

The college basketball establishment has changed several visible aspects of the women’s game in an effort to increase its exposure. For instance, Ogunbowale’s shots might have made a larger splash because they came on a Friday and a Sunday — the nights before the men’s semifinals and title game — rather than the Sunday-Tuesday time slots that the women’s Final Four had previously occupied.


But is that fun? Much of what made shows like “Dynasty” and “Dallas” so successful was how they fetishized the externals of wealth. The “Dynasty” reboot on CW continues that tradition, letting the camera linger on the shoes (the shoes!), the jewels, the fountains.