This updated Asus ROG Zephyrus combines both a slim, professional-looking design with the expanded power of Nvidia's new RTX graphics card for an excellent gaming experience, though at the cost of battery life.

(+68) 120034509Maslany voices every single character, including Brochu's Delphine, as well as the omniscient narrator, who sometimes doubles as an inner monologue.

In the photos of the doughnut below you can see how the XS image looks a little flat. The iPhone 11 Pro has a bit more pop. Also, notice the natural bokeh of each of the lenses on the wide cameras. The bokeh (blurred-out background) on the iPhone 11 Pro is buttery and smooth, while the bokeh on the XS is a bit more crunchy.



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At first sight you could mistake The Morning Show for an Aaron Sorkin creation. There's plenty of brisk walking and talking through the hallways of UBA, a fictional network that produces the The Morning Show. The Apple TV Plus series was actually created by Jay Carson (House of Cards) and developed by showrunner Kerry Ehrin (Bates Motel). TV veteran Mimi Leder (ER, On The Basis of Sex) directs.



This is especially great when reading comments, I will never uninstall this pic.twitter.com/1xslBQQbJi


If mom needs to lug around a computer daily, help her keep organized in style with a laptop bag like the Moshi Treya Lite. The pretty satchel is made from vegan leather and includes a sleeve to fit a 13-inch laptop. Included straps and multiple attachment points give mom the choice to wear it as a shoulder bag, a messenger, a backpack, or a typical handbag. The clutch is also removable. Mix and match the color of the straps, bag and clutch for a gift with some unique pizazz. It'll also keep her hands free to clutch a cup of coffee or tea, and caffeine always makes travel less of a hassle.




Below, we go through what's happened over the past year as health officials and the vaping industry try to adapt within this rapidly changing regulatory landscape.


"The key is to lure yourself out of your frontal cortex, the thinking part of the brain that's telling you to be uncomfortable, and soothe your body to become present," Rhodes-Levin said. "...Try to focus in on what others are talking about to help distract you. Breathe calmly and remember, nobody else knows what's going on in your head."