1 p.m. I buy a bottle of cheap vodka on the way home, but not for fun — unless your idea of fun is also making homemade vanilla extract. The mayor said that the largest components of this year’s anticipated budget increase were the estimated billion in higher labor costs and more than 0 million in new education spending for things like increased special education programs, 3K and charter school costs.

(+68) 120034509Americans spend the lowest percentage of their income on food compared with people in similarly large countries, Professor Koch said, creating the need to make more food faster. In original minstrel shows, white entertainers would paint their faces with burned cork, greasepaint or shoe polish and perform songs. One of them was titled “The Traveling Coon.”

Think about what type of mood you’ll be in when you listen and how much time you have, Mr. Avirgan, of 30 for 30, said, adding that when his commute doubled to 40 minutes his podcast diet completely changed. Above all, he said, “it should not feel like work.” As frustrated as many Americans have become, most still don’t see themselves as radicals. About 35 percent call themselves moderate, compared with only 26 percent who say liberal, according to Gallup. Another 35 percent say conservative. Even among Democrats, only about half use the liberal label, with other half choosing moderate or conservative.


Want to make watering your lawn easier? Here's CNET's guide to making your own automated lawn watering system.    It takes a few scenes to figure out who is who in the family. If this movie were the old-fashioned novel it sometimes resembles, there would be a family tree printed on the endpapers. But like a peripheral guest at the party, you look and listen and learn what you need to, an exercise that disciplines your attention for the intricate story you suspect is coming.

(+68) 120034509Last April, Prum and I drove 20 miles east of New Haven to Hammonasset Beach State Park, a 900-acre patchwork of shoreline, marsh, woodland and meadow on Long Island Sound, with the hope of finding a hooded warbler. Birders had recently seen the small but striking migratory species in the area. Before he even parked, Prum was calling out the names of birds he glimpsed or heard through the car window: osprey, purple martin, red-winged blackbird. I asked him how he was able to recognize birds so quickly and, sometimes, at such a great distance. He said it was just as effortless as recognizing a portrait of Abraham Lincoln. In Prum’s mind, every bird is famous. Mr. Cuomo, who has been hammered by political opponents over the transit system that he controls, made congestion pricing a must-have in negotiations. Democrats campaigned on a promise to fix the subways, and even many legislators from outside Manhattan rallied behind the plan as a way to help the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Trump has denied doing anything wrong. In 2017, two men accused of having sex with each other in Aceh, a semiautonomous Indonesian province that has imposed a strict version of Shariah law, were sentenced to 85 lashes in public.


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“Without it, there isn’t much flavor, no?” she asked, speaking through an interpreter, knitting her expression into a question, as she so often must in her new life. ‘ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING’ PRESENTS: MIND PARASITE LIVE WITH ADAM CONOVER at the Bell House (March 9, 8 p.m.). Conover, the host of the TruTV comedy series that reveals the truth behind our commonly held beliefs and institutions, now wants to pull back the curtain on how popular culture influences your thinking. And not in a good way. Consider this show part stand-up, part mind-blowing psychology class.718-643-6510, thebellhouseny.com

CYRANO Tyrion Lannister was at times a sympathetic character on “Game of Thrones,” but the actor Peter Dinklage’s next job will make him entirely pitiable: Mr. Dinklage will play Cyrano, who woos the woman he loves on another’s behalf because he believes himself to be unlovable, in this adaptation of the 1897 Edmond Rostand play. The modernized version, by Erica Schmidt, will feature music by Aaron Dessner and Bryce Dessner of the rock band The National, and lyrics by Matt Berninger, of The National, and Carin Besser. Ms. Schmidt directs the New Group production. Previews begin Oct. 11. Nov. 7-24; Daryl Roth Theater, thenewgroup.org. The Academy Awards will kick off shortly and we’ll bring you live coverage of the ceremony here.


23 Comments“They all believe we need to show the terrorists that they can kill us, but they can’t stop us,” he said. “No one — no one — was admitted to Wake Forest who didn’t earn it, as a student and as an athlete,” Mr. Clarke said. “Bill Ferguson does not belong in this indictment.”

The Kremlin-linked operatives called Romney a "two-headed snake" and "globalist puppet," promoted a rally outside Trump Tower and spread a petition to block Romney's appointment, according to a Journal analysis of now-deleted tweets. Romney had called Russia the US's top "geopolitical foe" in the 2012 elections. On Monday, The Washington Post reported that the woman had contacted the newspaper with the allegation shortly after Mr. Fairfax won his election in 2017. The Post said it was unable to corroborate her allegations, and Mr. Fairfax emphatically denied them. At different points during the day, he hinted that Mr. Northam or Levar Stoney, the mayor of Richmond and a potential political rival, might have played a role in bringing the accusation to light.

After taking a serious tumble in the middle of the night, a 67-year-old Norwegian man and his family credit his Apple Watch for getting help. “Unintentionally, it may be that Trump’s disruptive style has had a positive impact in forcing countries to face problems that they would rather kick down the road,” Mr. Fried said.

In the Settings menu for the Play Store, you'll find a new option for "app download preferences." By default the Play Store app is set to download over any network: mobile or Wi-Fi. You can set it to download over Wi-Fi only, or to have it ask you every time.  Mullah Baradar wore a gray-and-black turban as he sat across from Zalmay Khalilzad, the veteran diplomat leading the American delegation. It was Mullah Baradar’s first appearance in such a major setting since his recent release after nearly a decade of Pakistani detention.


23 CommentsMs. Jauhiainen said Sheikha Latifa wanted to help other women who had been trapped in similar situations, and she wanted to get Shamsa out. If necessary, she thought she could work as a skydiving instructor. A4TY: A DAY OF WORLD PREMIERES at Symphony Space (March 9, 2 and 5 p.m.). A4TY stands for Album for the Young, but just as important is the presentation of work by the young at these recitals. Produced by the Bloomingdale School of Music, the concerts will collectively feature about 30 pieces written and played by young people ages 7 to 17 who have enrolled in the school’s A4TY Student Composing Project, which not only teaches participants how to write music but also commissions professional composers to create scores for them. The 2 p.m. program consists of work by the youngest students; the 5 p.m. performance offers pieces by those who are older and more advanced. Each will include the adult composer Taylor Brook’s new “Three Studies for Three Percussionists With Three Instruments,” which calls for unusual drums: nine flowerpots.212-864-5400, symphonyspace.org

BEN “But at this stage, from a scientist’s point of view, it’s equivalent to what we call a sounding rocket,” he said. “And we’ve been doing those since the 1940s.”

Louisville (32-4) entered the game suffused with the confidence earned by defeating the Huskies in January, but beating UConn twice in a season doesn’t happen very often. The last team to do that was Notre Dame, in 2013. The Huskies could face the Irish in the Final Four next weekend in Tampa, Fla., if Notre Dame beats Stanford in the Chicago Regional final on Monday night. She said she knew in her heart that Mr. Sala was still alive somewhere in the Channel.

Still, by Friday, many cities appeared back to normal. In Chicago, people bustled along downtown sidewalks and restaurants and shops were open. I want an article that explores what happens to bold, confident girls at school. How do parents and teachers treat their rule-bending daughters? My hypothesis is that there are two standards of behavior: a lenient one for boys, and a rigid, demanding one for girls. Unfortunately, because of Dr. Damour’s tired girl blaming, we’ll have to wait to find out.


23 CommentsI am your average student, stressed from the amount of homework and the constant pressure I’m always under. I will live in my little bubble for most of the year forgetting that there is an entire world out there to explore. After reading the fifty two recommended places I found The Islands of Tahiti to be one of the places I want to explore. I have always wanted to live on the water and be able to experience something that I could not find anywhere. What made it stand out was “Tahiti’s clear, warm waters offer views of more than 1,000 species of marine life.” This would be something you would only receive once in a lifetime and living on the water while seeing more than a thousand species of marine life is something extraordinary. I take it you mean the imaginary Doric column that supports a teetering pile of current and old books that the interviewee wants to bring to the reader’s attention. My actual nightstand is a small wood table with a box of Kleenex, a two-year-old Garnet Hill catalog and a cough drop on it. When I go to bed I bring with me the book I am reading during the day. Right now it is the British edition of Sally Rooney’s brilliant, enigmatic new novel, “Normal People.”

All mimsy were the borogoves, In January, Francis told ambassadors to the Holy See that his visit to the United Arab Emirates and a subsequent trip to Morocco in March were opportunities to improve understanding and relations between the faiths.

An EEC regulatory filing from Apple in April gives hope that an iPhone SE 2 may be coming down the pipeline eventually. The original model debuted in Spring, and Apple announced a refresh in March 2017 with better storage options (from 16 and 64GB to 32 and 128GB). That being said, it wouldn't be surprising if it popped up sometime between now and Spring of next year. That's why we're expecting to hear about the iPhone SE 2 during Apple's Sept. 12 iPhone event. The teachers’ movement started with cries for better pay and benefits for educators, and more funding for schools and classrooms. It has evolved into a revolt against the argument that has driven the bipartisan education reform agenda for the past two decades: that traditional public schools and the people who work in them are failing, and that they must be challenged by charter schools, private school vouchers, test-driven accountability and other forms of pressure to improve.


“We are going on this vacation, and there are bees,” I said. “It’s kind of isolated. What if Penelope is stung? She’s never been stung before. What if she’s allergic? How will I get her to a doctor in time? Should I bring something to be prepared for this? Should we test her in advance? Do I need an EpiPen?” The lawsuit, filed as a class-action complaint, accuses Yale of violating Title IX of federal education law, which prohibits sex discrimination by institutions receiving federal funding, and breach of contract for not providing the educational environment it promised. It accuses the fraternities of violating the Fair Housing Act for offering housing only to men, and Yale and the fraternities of violating Connecticut’s law against discrimination in places of public accommodation. It seeks unspecified damages.