The Trump administration’s patience with the North Korean program stands in sharp contrast to far more specific warnings it gave when Iran was preparing to launch a similar space mission. The seemingly civilian space missions are considered to be proxies for a missile launch; much of the technology needed to cast a satellite in space is the same as launching a warhead. Osteria Bancogiro, San Polo 122, Campo San Giacometto; www.osteriabancogiro.it

(+68) 120034509[Plan for the season to come with our monthly culture calendar.] As eyewitnesses die off, however, there has been a push in recent years to record their recollections. Record — but share cautiously.

In 2019, she said, “afflictions are located in the west, northwest, southwest and southeast.” “The market is on the edge of its seat,” Chris R. Swonger, the chief executive of the industry group, said in an interview on Tuesday. “We hope that the Trump administration can land the plane on these major trade agreements.”


The amount of damage done is formidable, and it’s going to take a Democratic president four years working full time just to correct it. Only then can we begin to try to implement “progressive” ideas. I was walking along Henry Street in Brooklyn. A blind man with a white cane was walking toward me. To my right, a truck was backing into a parking spot.

(+68) 120034509In his six years in the Senate, Cory Booker has progressed from a moderate who defended private equity to a leading progressive voice on issues like criminal justice reform and marijuana legalization. As he transitions to a national presidential campaign, which he announced Friday, the candidate has been focusing on some key issues that animate the left wing of the Democratic Party. Buying a chain of schools “aligns perfectly with our mission, which views education as a primary means of life transformation,” Randall Barton, the foundation’s managing director, said when Dream Center announced its plan.

As Annio — another trouser role — the mezzo-soprano Emily D’Angelo conveyed youthful tension with a high-voltage, nervy tone. The bass-baritone Christian Van Horn was decorous and steely as Publio, the guardian of protocol. “The market is on the edge of its seat,” Chris R. Swonger, the chief executive of the industry group, said in an interview on Tuesday. “We hope that the Trump administration can land the plane on these major trade agreements.”


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The Mets (23-26) won their third straight — all after the team said Mickey Callaway’s job as manager was safe — and won their sixth straight at home. The Breunion Boys have only two original songs. (The second, “The Real Deal,” features lyrics like, “Oh, the treaties we have together / No one’s going to treat you better.”) But more songs will emerge as Brexit unfolds, Veldman said. She wants the band to sing about the potential return of a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, but is concerned about getting the right tone.

Fiona Fairhurst, Heist’s vice president of innovation, invented Speedo’s famous Fastskin suit, modeled after sharkskin to help Olympic athletes swim faster. State Attorney Dave Aronberg of Palm Beach County, whose office leads a human trafficking task force with the F.B.I., said trafficking foreigners to work in places like massage parlors can be more difficult to root out than trafficking, for example, American girls who are recruited in person or online.

Even with the father’s Arab ancestry and dedication to the Arab people, the Atiyah family identified culturally as British. Michael Atiyah spoke English at home and at school, and Arabic with extended family. (Written Arabic was the only class he ever failed, he said.) “A lot of this is the theatrics of Persian politics,” said Ali Ansari, a professor of Iranian history at the University of St. Andrews. “It’s part of a form: He’s gotten upset, so they have to come back and smooth the ego.”

Subscribe: iTunes | RSS | Google Play | FeedBurner | SoundCloud |TuneIn | Stitcher HY: While you think, I’ll talk. When you were photographing me, I thought a lot about this. We had talked about the power imbalance of being the subject and the shooter beforehand. What I remember about the experience was that it was a very womblike experience. You were literally hidden, shrouded. You were almost in a supplicating posture, I felt. You were enthralled to the machine. And all I had to do was sit still, which wasn’t very difficult. But what you had to do — I suppose what I’m trying to say was it felt like you were being controlled both by me, the subject and by the camera itself. I think you’re also very... you have a lovely, soft voice. You’re a very reassuring presence. But I was reminded in those moments of the kind of humility it takes to be crouched in an uncomfortable position beneath the hot piece of cloth waiting for the eye of the camera to do what you wanted it to do. So I understand that in the moments before you get behind the camera, there is a sort of dance, there’s an exchange, sometimes more manipulative than others. But once you get behind the camera — and I know people disagree with this — I felt you were disempowered rather than empowered. I mean, I thought of how Arbus always held her camera at her chest. And shot from there rather than up against her eye. And in that sense, it was a restoration of power. She was able to talk and look the subject in the eye while at the same time doing something they couldn’t see. She regained control of the machine. But when you were looking into the machine — I don’t know. You give up something of yourself as a human to the machine. That makes you less powerful, I always think.


Instagram’s rationale for drawing a line between photography and other forms of fine art is that the nipples typically belong to living people, and the site cannot know for sure whether the subjects have given consent. Posting a photo of a marble Aphrodite doesn’t present the same problem for them. Mr. Guaidó, 35, said in an interview on Sunday that he hoped the aid would help persuade the country’s security forces to rally behind him.