Mr. Trump did not mention any country by name, but many undocumented Haitians live in the Bahamas, particular on the Abaco Islands. By late 2011, in what would turn out to be Sonic Youth’s final concert, the stage in São Paulo, Brazil, reminded Ms. Gordon of a kitchen where “the husband and the wife pass each other in the morning and make themselves separate cups of coffee,” she writes, “with neither one acknowledging the other, or any shared history, in the room.”

(+68) 120034509Finding 911 callers in a multi-story building requires vertical location accuracy. “We don’t do any political-oriented accounts or anything like that,” he said.

So, in addition to advocating the expansion of protected areas, the authors outline a vast array of changes aimed at limiting the drivers of biodiversity loss. The spreadsheets, along with emails reflecting sometimes crass internal discussions of such applicants, were made public on Tuesday as part of a legal filing in the nation’s largest-ever college admissions corruption prosecution. In that case, 51 parents, coaches and others have been charged with conspiring to cheat on tests or bribe college coaches to designate students as recruits despite their not being competitive athletes.


On Thursday, the company said it would offer a battery replacement that would return an iPhone 6 or later model to its original performance. The offer, which cut the price of batteries' price from their normal , was originally slated to be offered beginning in January. She was galled to learn that among the Chinese imports set to face higher tariffs is the machinery used to make shoes.

(+68) 120034509Once, in 1997, before shooting “Saving Private Ryan,” Steven Spielberg sent Hanks and other cast members out to do military training in the woods with a former Marine. After spending time in the rain, they all voted to quit the training, except for Hanks, who chose to obediently perform the job he was hired for and spurred the other men to stick with it as well. Gov. Gavin Newsom of California said in a statement his state would “remain undeterred.”

He added: "Verizon says they will have a 'multi-spectrum strategy.' So they don't have one now... when will they have one? Tomorrow?!" When asked what she hoped to accomplish with “No Home Record,” her first solo album, due out on Oct. 11, she responded with an amused snort: “Uh, nothing?”


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Nishikori’s quarterfinal foe will be No. 1-seeded and six-time champion Novak Djokovic, who overcame a couple of tumbles to the court and a series of energy-sapping baseline exchanges — one point lasted 42 strokes — to beat No. 15 Daniil Medvedev, 6-4, 6-7 (5), 6-2, 6-3. Forever 21: The retailer that helped popularize fast fashion in its locations around the globe said it would file for bankruptcy — and cease operations in 40 countries — after years of shifts in consumer habits and the rise of its digitally savvy competitors.

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“Brooke loves hard, and the Madubuonwus love her,” said Chelsea Cravens, the bride’s older sister. “She’s made a real effort to know all of them individually and learn parts of their culture, that’s just who she is, always.” As the pilot burned off fuel, Aniston spent the next four hours cracking jokes and trying to remain calm (she is terrified of flying), while fielding text messages from friends who’d read about the “emergency landing” — which hadn’t actually happened yet.

View detailsKawhi Leonard scored 27 points, Pascal Siakam added 24 and the Raptors routed the Orlando Magic 115-96 on Tuesday night, winning their first-round playoff series in five games. Through it all, Mr. Atlas was also doing his own writing. “Bellow: A Biography” came out in 2000.

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Financial terms of the deal weren't revealed, but Corsair said Origin will remain a separate brand. All existing warranties, purchases and support are unaffected, according to the release. Corsair will continue producing its own product line -- Vengeance PC, Corsair One and the Corsair One Pro -- and brands.  Emily Weinstein, one of our Food editors, has been recommending five weeknight dinner ideas for the past year (here’s what she learned). We decided to look beyond our own kitchens, asking 18 families around the world to show us what they have for dinner on a typical weeknight.

View detailsMusk has tried to temper expectations of this first, historic deployment of satellites, saying that "much will likely go wrong" and these first 60 satellites are a test, providing a demonstration of Starlink's future capabilities. Another six launches will be required before even "minor" coverage is offered. Before the trade war threatened to upend everything, Lena Phoenix spent most of her hours puzzling over how to expand the thriving footwear business she and her husband had founded in their home in Colorado.

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The movie also gave us fierce, sexy female warriors called the Dora Milaje, with shaved heads and combat boots instead of high heels. And then there's Leticia Wright's Shuri, a princess who happens to be the smartest scientist in the universe. The fires are an offshoot of a vast, robust, informal sector that recycles and refurbishes e-waste and electronics imported from Israel, yet they have had an outsized impact on Palestinian villages and nearby Israeli towns.

View detailsThe charge, a misdemeanor, was filed in Municipal Court for Houston in March, a month after the Houston Police Department issued the employee, Carmella Davano, a citation for profane and abusive language in a public place. She was accused of repeatedly calling Cacilie Hughes, a black woman and United customer, “a monkey” and “a shining monkey.” The newest iPhones all have the same computing processor, A13 Bionic, which is about 50 percent faster than the iPhone X. While that may sound significant, the iPhone X is already incredibly fast at shooting photos and running apps and games.

“This new generation of gaming is not a box,” Phil Harrison, a veteran video game industry executive who is leading Stadia for Google, said at the Game Developers Conference, an annual industry event in San Francisco where the service was announced. “We will be handing over the extraordinary power of the data centers to you, the game developers.” China’s increasingly caustic accusations against the United States — in state media and official statements — reflect a deepening conviction that support for democratic rights in Hong Kong is part of a broader effort to undermine the Communist Party.

The W3C also has had missteps. It abandoned the core standard used to build a web site -- HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language -- and only belatedly tried to reassert control after browser makers banded together to continue its lineage through a separate group, the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG). Any artist could have informed them that this was a category error. Painting is an artistic medium, not a technology in itself. And painting, like every artistic medium, acquires meaning, importance, and indeed financial value through a complex net of perceptions that stretches well past the surface of the canvas.

Right now "we still have the situation where we have flagships [that] have a 4G version and a 5G version," Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon said. "In Android when we get to the X55, the majority of flagships in all markets [that have 5G networks] are going to be 5G." Everyone has a favorite version. Ours is sourdough toast spread with a thin layer of cream cheese, fork-smashed avocado, a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of everything bagel seasoning. (If you’re looking for even more ideas, here’s Julia Moskin’s recipe for avocado toast.)

Micah Kubic, the executive director of the A.C.L.U. of Florida, hailed the ruling. The show premiered in 2013 and became a hit. (It has been nominated for three Creative Arts Emmys for short-form variety series). Soon, Mr. Van Ness was offered roles as a red-carpet commentator and as a host of other web series.

We feast on fossil fuels to power our cars, trains, manufacturing plants and cities, but our reliance on them means we continue to flood our atmosphere with carbon dioxide now reaching levels higher than ever before. In the past three months, protesters have been tear gassed by the police and attacked by gangs of men widely thought to be linked to organized crime syndicates. Yet by plunging into vandalism and street brawls, they risk squandering some of the wide support they receive from the Hong Kong public.

They settled on Riskers in May 2018 because it was “international, not too connected to the past and large enough to express every kind of risk,” Mr. Guerrier said. Mr. Zangrillo is charged with conspiring with a college consultant to bribe athletic officials at U.S.C. to designate his daughter as a recruit to the crew team, thereby facilitating her admission as a transfer student. He is also charged with having someone secretly take online classes on his daughter’s behalf, so that the grades could be submitted to U.S.C. as part of her application. He has pleaded not guilty.

Sellers that aren't lucky enough to be in business with the NFL and NBA find other ways to offer exclusive stuff. Huckberry sells house brands Flint and Tinder, and Proof. Uncommon Goods, which sells jewelry, sand art and handmade gifts, designs its own products and cuts deals with manufacturers and artists to ensure that nearly half its inventory can be found only on its site. Founder and CEO David Bolotsky said he's working to push that number even higher. Epstein could follow the industry trend of hiring a former player with no managing experience, such as the Cubs bench coach and longtime major league infielder Mark Loretta or the special assistant David Ross, a popular former catcher who also works for ESPN. Another intriguing name for the Cubs could be the MLB Network broadcaster Joe Girardi, a former Cubs catcher who led the Yankees to the 2009 World Series title and is eager to resume his managing career.

Mr. Bouteflika is abstaining from seeking a fifth term but he is extending the fourth and managing the pseudo-transition that he referred to in his letter. His renouncement is half a victory for Algerians, but the political-military elite and the bureaucracy will continue controlling the state. When another presidential candidate emerges and appeases the demonstrators, he will remain a pure product of a system that has kept Algeria in a state of permanent transition. JUST STOPPING BY … I usually make my way to Leyenda because we get very busy and we only have a server and a bartender on. I just have to check in.

The transcripts of the four witnesses are filled with mostly dry testimony, reflecting the bureaucratic roles that they held in the Trump administration. And the dialogue between the witnesses and their inquisitors is sometimes interrupted by requests that people speak more clearly into the microphones or answer more clearly. Maximum Security, however, had jumped a puddle on the rain-soaked track turning for home and almost knocked over a rival, while slowing the momentum of a couple of others. The disqualification deprived the owner, trainer and jockey of their first Derby victory.

Wang took a leap of faith in casting Lum. “This was before ‘Ocean’s 8’ and ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ so I only knew her from her music videos,” she said. “When my producer brought her up to me, I was like, ‘That’s the girl who did ‘My Vag.’ Why would you think she should play me in a dramatic movie?” “Gun Island” demonstrates Ghosh’s belief that the improbable has a place in serious literary fiction. And in teaming this with the subject of climate change, he has not held back. Deen suffers an astonishing series of threats: from a cobra, a tumble into a morass of mud, wildfires, falling masonry, a dislodged flowerpot, a broken railing, a possibly poisonous spider, a series of tornadoes, a rising tide, a swarm of disgusting ship worms, more storms, even a scary man in a green baseball cap. A flurry of coincidences and spooky interventions do the work of an actual plot, and the supporting characters are script ready: Cinta, a brilliant Venetian historian with a reverence for the mystical aspects of life; Piya, a pretty, and eminently practical, marine biologist; a loudmouth slacker/hacker named Tipu; and earnest Rafi, a desperate migrant.

In death, as in life, location matters. Woodlawn, for instance, still has 25 acres left to be developed and is completing a master plan mapping them out. But you would be hard-pressed to find a burial spot next to Duke Ellington, one of the jazz greats for whom the place is known. (Literary types, however, should take note: Plots are still available in the vicinity of Herman Melville, with prices starting at ,000.) Human rights groups have criticized the officers’ actions, saying that the people were not offering resistance.

A rocket fired by the Taliban hit a house in the Chokary village of Dasht-e-Qala District, killing one woman and two children. Eight civilians were also wounded in the incident. It would be unduly rosy to depict the Italian Parliament’s brake on Mr. Salvini, a populist seeking “full powers,” as solely an altruistic defense of democracy — many members also risked losing their seats in new elections. But it was the second time in a week — following the British Parliament’s rejection of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s attempt to sneak in a no-deal Brexit by suspending the legislature — that a European legislature rose up to block a strong leader from going too far. That is something legislators in other states challenged by populist strongmen, including the United States, should take to heart.


On a sidewalk in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, outside Saint Michael’s Church, Maritza Xalanda, 13, asked for her mother’s help to tie on a giant mask, completing her costume as an old man with a bulbous nose and a long white beard. What strategies have you used to deal with self-doubt? How effective have they been?