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Obstructive? “This isn’t about poverty, it’s about greed,” said Nizamuddin Ahmed, an architect in Dhaka. “The people storing these chemicals in residential buildings are rich — they have cars, nice homes, children studying abroad.”

(+68) 120034509As their lives unravel, we wonder with Christine if the “questioning of impervious male knowledge had always come to women at a certain age, in their prime, as they grew out of the illusions of girlhood. Or was it a new thing coming about in history, because of cultural change?” The novel seems to suggest the former. By the end, the romantic fates of the couples’ two grown daughters are still being left to fate and chance, while Christine and Lydia begin for the first time to make their own choices. We see, as well, an older generation of women represented in Alex’s mother, who dispenses surprisingly liberated sexual advice to her granddaughter, years after her own disappointing marriage, and in Christine’s mother, who also offers late-in-life wisdom: “Aren’t men ridiculous?” she asks. It might not be history that frees us, Hadley seems to suggest, but personal history, a late coming-of-age. Elsewhere, especially in Sendak’s work, childless authors were showing children — and thus their mothers and fathers — what proper parenting should look like. In “Where the Wild Things Are,” a mother who sends a roughhousing son to bed without supper becomes, in his dream, a monster to be subjugated. In “In the Night Kitchen,” parents barely exist; the child in a state of nature is self-created and, eventually, self-modulated. The message: Leave me alone with my imagination and I’ll be fine.

The Nets, who finished 12th in the Eastern Conference with a 28-54 record last season, are in the running for their first playoff berth since 2014-15. The Chiefs had made it into the big game after an overtime victory in the A.F.C. championship; they won the coin toss and marched down the field to score, never giving the Patriots a touch.


I can’t be the only one saying this, but the red Oscars in the background look like Melania’s Christmas trees and the stage looks like Trump’s hair. #Oscar pic.twitter.com/EmuoICsNFv Historically in Sri Lanka, the job of executioner has been difficult to fill.

(+68) 120034509Hummingbirds: Don’t be fooled by their beautiful colors and teeny-tininess. Studies have found that the birds are ferocious fighters with beaks that have evolved into weapons for male-to-male conflicts. “I stand before you today saddened, humbled and heartbroken,” Ms. Boone told Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein in Federal District Court in Manhattan, adding, “I beg that you give me a second chance.”

You’re right. May is not supposed to be this cold and wet. Hace tan solo un par de semanas interceptamos 6 kilogramos de heroína —si retrocedes a hace cinco o seis años, eso era inimaginable— y varios kilogramos de metanfetaminas y diez mil pastillas de fentanilo. Ahora piensa en eso: diez mil. Cada una de ellas es una sobredosis potencial.


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But it’s more than that: a direct-to-consumer e-commerce business, releasing merchandise and apparel; an in-house content production studio; a talent-management business; a sales team acting as a mini advertising agency negotiating brand deals; and a technology arm that develops software to meet the demands of talent. At least 80 3-D-printed devices have received F.D.A. approval as of 2016, although their use has largely been confined to academic and research hospitals.

The envoy, William Taylor, told House investigators in detail about an arrangement that Mr. Trump and his allies have long denied. Read Mr. Taylor’s opening statement and six revelations from his testimony. Nancy Bay, a 65-year-old bookkeeper from Garrett, Ind., was disheartened to learn how the new rules would affect her and her husband, a truck driver. While they usually receive a refund of about ,500, they will have to pay about 0 this year.


23 CommentsAmerican was one of the airlines affected by the outage.  Edmunds remembers the club being asked to send representatives to have “afternoon tea with the Queen and Prince Philip” when they visited Doncaster. The players were guests of honor at the town’s Mansion House, the ornate Georgian home of the local authorities, on several occasions.

One limitation: Each Eve Light Strip can only put out one color at a time. That lags it behind Lifx Z, which is still the only big-name smart light strip capable of putting out multiple colors at once. Then again, the Lifx strips put out 700 lumens at max brightness -- less than half as bright as Eve is offering for roughly the same price. In a sense he had found not only his calling but his whole approach to art. His first paintings were mostly green, but he eventually began to paint over his colors with white.

Your Evening Briefing is posted at 6 p.m. Eastern. And few colleges are actually as segregated as they may appear to outsiders — women’s colleges usually have partnerships with coed universities, and black colleges can be more diverse than predominantly white institutions.

According to the Japanese news media, the cabinet selected the name from a shortlist after consulting with a panel of nine experts, which included Shinya Yamanaka, a stem cell researcher and Nobel laureate, and Mariko Hayashi, a novelist and one of two women on the panel. LIEBER: Chanel, did you worry about how hard it might be to make the idea of preparing for death palatable to people of all ages?


23 CommentsBut reports that the company is slowly trying to push back into the Chinese market have ignited a backlash among some employees. “The dodgy old ladder, sometimes leaning over a staircase, the small window/entrance, the steep slope once you get out the entrance,” he said. “And I had my camera, which I would often pass to them to hold until I got out on the roof. Then there was the slippery roofs, especially in the morning from dew. Once I found a good spot, I would try not to move much.”

And there's more good news from the new build: Microsoft has revamped the font management interface to make it more useful for people who frequently install fonts and who use typefaces with a lot of variants. My future in-laws gave us an ultimatum that if we did not invite my husband’s three-year-old nephew, they would not attend the wedding. We did not want children at the wedding, but they basically blackmailed us. Said three-year-old came to the wedding and proceeded to pull the four-foot crystal wall hangings off the wall. He was the only child there.

"What I love about the internet is that not only is it a platform for our voices to be shared, it's a platform to disseminate information," says Shahidi, the child of a mom who's African-American and Choctaw and an Iranian-American dad. "It has allowed us to claim our own history, and more than that, share our own history with each other — especially in a world where so many of our histories and stories have been intentionally left out." He did not pressure her further, walking her to the front gate and opening it.

None of Yale's smart locks come with Zigbee, Z-Wave or HomeKit compatibility built in. Network modules have been the company's approach to connecting locks with the broader smart home. It's a solution, but one that always comes at an added cost to the consumer. However, if you're already an Xfinity customer and a fan of Yale's lock style, adding a lock with a network module really expands your options.  We’re following today’s announcement that the U.S. is suspending a Reagan-era arms treaty with Russia, as well as the monthly jobs report. We’re also looking ahead to the Super Bowl on Sunday.


23 CommentsAdministration officials downplayed the issue, noting that Russia had not asked to rejoin the club. But on Sunday, Mr. Trump said the United States, as the host of next year’s meeting, might invite Russia to participate. He said the question of whether to invite President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia next year prompted a “lively” discussion behind closed doors. Who favored granting legal status to immigrants? Democratic primary voters: 79 percent support; Democrats in general: 77 percent support; all voters: 55 percent support.

Mr. Trump’s actions during the shutdown have often seemed in response to criticism from allies like the conservative commentator Ann Coulter and the prime-time hosts on Fox News. The network’s first reaction to the president’s decision to delay his speech appeared to indicate trouble ahead: “Trump Blinks” read the headline atop the Fox website. Like many around the country, Mr. Fortune has joined one of several lawsuits against the companies that made the firefighting foam, including 3M and Tyco Fire Products. Others, including the City of Newburgh, N.Y., are suing the military directly.

The fight: In 2017, Berlin approved plans that would have kept the shack but erected commercial and residential buildings on the last two undeveloped plots while enfolding a museum, mostly underground, in a commercial space. Critics called it a “theme park.” Whatever turns the political storm takes, John W. Boscariol, a lawyer in Toronto who advises companies on corruption issues, told me this week that the outcome is unlikely to please SNC-Lavalin.


Mississippi State: At Marquette on Monday. Top left: “Whenever I’m in Cuba, I visit Coppelia, which is where everyone in Havana goes for ice cream — the ’60s-era structure was built around nature, with lush jungle greens juxtaposed against the clean modern lines. Being a Roman, I need to have my gelato.”