With the approach of Easter, and these memories at the front of my mind, I decided to dig a little into this topic. The officer didn’t have many details. Bailey Henke was living in Grand Forks, three hours east of his parents’ home in Minot, and the police there were working the case. The officer gave Laura the phone number for a detective in Grand Forks. She called and wrote down what he said: overdose, fentanyl. Laura had never heard of fentanyl; she wasn’t even sure how to spell it.

(+68) 120034509California has not been shy about striking back. Counting the suit filed Thursday, California’s attorney general, Xavier Becerra, has now filed 60 lawsuits against the Trump administration. Those have resulted in 37 legal victories for the state — a mix of decisions in favor of California, or preliminary injunctions halting the Trump administration’s actions pending a final decision. The exact numbers are a state secret. No, seriously.

The next day a different delivery driver wandered around in his foyer for a few minutes, dropped off a package and left. President Trump, even before taking office, was critical of G.M.’s foreign car production, and shortly after the strike began he reiterated that point. “I don’t want General Motors building plants in China and Mexico,” he told reporters.


I've been using the Galaxy S9 Plus in lilac purple almost exclusively since early March. The color is deep, lustrous and changes in the light. It makes me like using the phone more. I've rejected almost every case because they don't do the phone design justice (this one from Spigen is OK, but the color's starting to scrape off the rims). This is the second oldest watering hole in New York. The building was erected in 1847, and the ground floor space for a while was a grocery store (when groceries sold alcohol), then from 1863, a saloon. Fanelli’s is marinated in history and nostalgia, the kind that makes New Yorkers kvetch about change, as we’ve been doing for a few hundred years: “You shoulda seen it when ….”

(+68) 120034509“Very little is known of the behind-the-scene owners,” Mr. Myles said. “They are hiding behind shell companies, hiding behind mamasans. They are hiding behind fake people.” Recipes: Dishes to Celebrate the Festival of Lights

As Katherine Kornei reported for The Times, they’re essentially sheets of rock that are peeling off El Capitan’s granite surface, “like layers of onion skin.” While rockfalls linked to flakes are dangerous, climbers still sometimes shimmy between the thin layer and the underlying rock face. Watching all of this unfold from Florida, Buemi was both proud and perplexed. He thought everything had been going smoothly with China. The cooperation was sincere, and the M.P.S. seemed eager to build its own case. Zhang had been caught with fentanyl — not a novel analogue, but regular fentanyl. “What happened?” Buemi said.


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She was arrested and tried as an adult on charges of first-degree murder and aggravated robbery. In 2006, Ms. Brown was convicted by a Davidson County jury of those charges and sentenced to life in prison. She would not have been eligible for parole until 2055. Helped by strong sales of high-margin trucks and sport utility vehicles, G.M. has earned billion in North America over the last three years. Under the new labor agreement, the company has promised to invest .7 billion over the next four years in United States plants. An additional .3 billion will be invested by G.M. and joint-venture partners. The spending is supposed to create or preserve as many as 9,000 jobs.

Nissan’s chief operating officer, Yasuhiro Yamauchi, will serve as interim chief executive, Mr. Toyoda said. The girl, Taylor, had obtained an order of protection that prohibited Mr. Dowdy from coming near her at home or at a job while the criminal case against him proceeded. But the order did not apply at Niagara Wheatfield High School, where Mr. Dowdy, a star lacrosse player, roamed freely while he waited for his court date.

Yet it was a muted end to the league’s annual party weekend for the player whose future has generated more noise than anyone or anything in basketball since September. That’s when Davis hired the Klutch Sports agent Rich Paul — who is also James’s agent and one of the superstar’s closest friends — to precipitate a seemingly ceaseless stream of chatter about Davis winding up alongside James on the Los Angeles Lakers. Tampa Bay had the second-lowest average attendance in Major League Baseball this year, with 14,734 fans per game, despite fielding an entertaining team that won 93 games (only the Miami Marlins drew fewer fans). The Rays’ attendance has declined every year since 2012 as local interest in the team — Monday aside — seems to wane.

Durham’s Tracklements, in Ann Arbor, Mich., uses various cures to produce its smoked salmon and other fish. Traditionally, gravlax is salmon cured with salt and spices. Tracklements adds smoking to the process, resulting in salmon that’s mild (though rich), with a hint of smoke. Another new smoked salmon on the roster is cured with ras-el-hanout, the Moroccan spice blend, for a stronger flavor, with a whiff of cumin and pepper. The salmon, sold in one piece, is easy to slice. Why American Artist?


We are spiritual beings. But for many of us, malnutrition of the soul is a plague of modern life. That’s one reason 200 million people worldwide a year make some form of religious pilgrimage. 10. And finally, Fortnite has gone dark. (If you’re a teenager, this is probably old news.)