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The suspect, identified by his lawyer as Kristiyan Boikov, worked for the TAD Group, a private cybersecurity firm. “We know that this is about power to you,” he added. “We try so hard to understand how a person could do something like this to two children.”

(+68) 120034509Choose any beach vacation town, and you can expect to find a few things — water, sand, probably ice cream, possibly a Ferris wheel. But it takes a little more to make a spot the kind of place that people from the nearest big town and beyond return to summer after summer, sometimes for generations. We chose 25 wildly different destinations around the country — from the comically perfect shore of the Florida Panhandle to Iowan lakeside Americana to the finicky coast of the Pacific Northwest — and asked writers who love them to explain their charms. COSTER-WALDAU You clearly don’t have a problem getting a word in. [Laughs.]

The actor and comedian Kenan Thompson has been a star on “Saturday Night Live” for a record-breaking 16 seasons. In July, he’ll also be a judge, along with Chrissy Teigen and Jeff Foxworthy, on “Bring the Funny,” a new television series where comedians will compete in a talent show for fame and money. Next season, he will start in a new family sitcom, "The Kenan Show." Afterward, Wawrinka came to the rescue of one of his tiniest fans, lifting him away from danger and offering a towel as a keepsake.


Captain America and Tony Stark's different of opinion had more ramifications for Spider-Man in the comics. In Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, a polling station is set up at an altitude of 4,327 meters for 12 voters. Polling officials carry oxygen tanks to reach the village of Anlay Pho, which is 4,500 meters above sea level. In the southernmost Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Indian Ocean, polling officials set up polling stations for nine voters after traveling through swamps infested with crocodiles.

(+68) 120034509The artists here range from Swoon, who has created installations for MoMA, to Christian Boehmer, whose satirical drawings command ,250. “I played very smart; I really played the right spots,” Azarenka said. “I was doing everything that I was supposed to do. And, especially, moving well and pushing her back.”

She had cause to be angry. But because she’d spent years getting to know many of her other immigrant neighbors — including a friend who she called for help right after the break in — her response and her views were tempered and calm. ­PHILADELPHIA — She called it her “deepest, darkest secret,” one she had never even shared with her husband. When Saffiatu Sillah was growing up in the West African nation of Sierra Leone, her clitoris was cut off in a ritual circumcision.


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“His life was very difficult,” Sloan said as she looked at the angry slashes of color on a painting called “Pegasus Before Landing.” “But it shaped him. You know they say the Russian dissident writers were better because they were in opposition to something that they had to overcome? Maybe he is the same.” Hamas agreed in return to restrain protests along its frontier with Israel that have often devolved into violence. But a truce has never taken hold, and indeed the cease-fires have only lasted a number of weeks.

Facebook also said the altered videos of Ms. Pelosi now run with a fact-check box that labels the content as false. The Palestinians said early on Monday that they had reached a cease-fire with Israel. That news appeared to be confirmed indirectly when the Israeli military on Monday morning lifted restrictions on citizens living near the border with Gaza, though schools in affected areas remained closed for the day.


23 CommentsWhile the ceramic edition of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus already comes with 12GB RAM, it's not using this new module -- instead the phone uses an older one made using a 20nm process. Re “A Gift to Graduates: Your Loans Will Be Paid Off” (front page, May 20):

David Bergman, who took over as acting finance chief in February 2017 before being formally given the role that December, said on the call that Under Armour had been “fully cooperating” with the investigations for two and a half years. The commission said Wednesday that it was investigating other deaths connected the Rock ‘n Play, and that a recall was possible in the future.

During the “Eroica” there were some moments of shaky execution, especially in the brasses. Overall, though, this was a lean and suspenseful account of a symphony that can easily sound pumped-up. Finally, Kate Betts on Ruth Reichl’s memoir about running “Gourmet”? Yes, please. Delicious. See you tomorrow.

Neil Armstrong’s photograph of Buzz Aldrin on the lunar surface remains one of the most recognizable and enduring images in history, in part because so few people have been to the place where that picture was taken. The privilege of taking steps on our closest heavenly neighbor belongs (so far) to a tiny, exclusive cohort of a dozen individuals. As someone who swam around moored warships as a “target” for the Navy’s dolphins, I can tell you that they are amazingly fast. Enemy swimmers often will not know they’ve been marked until grenades start exploding around them underwater and the dolphins are long gone.


23 CommentsRiddell's new helmet with 3D-printed liners has already been tested by at least one player in every NFL team and was on the field at some major NCAA college games. Riddell says its helmets account for more than two-thirds of the helmets in the two leagues. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Maisie Williams, the actress who plays Arya Stark, said she was unconvinced when she first read about the scene in which she killed the Night King. But as the episode came together she had a change of heart.

On the kitchen counter in her Leimert Park apartment in Los Angeles, Diane Henry lays out her meals for the week. They’re frozen, in equal-size containers: Florentine tart, noodles with carrots, oven-fried chicken with brown rice and carrots, and Moroccan chicken. She didn’t choose the menu, but she does get a few options. Generally she’s happy with the selections. “The light was red,” the police officer said.

In total, “Roma” has appeared in 1,100 theaters around the world since it was released on Nov. 21, according to Netflix. About 250 of those locations have been in the United States, where the film continues to run despite its availability in living rooms and on smartphones. Netflix released “Roma” on its global streaming platform (190 countries) on Dec. 14. Nunu has come to France to study literature after the death of her mother back home in Istanbul. Like a snail curling fearfully into its shell, she is receding from the world. Her isolation is the kind peculiar to big cities, magnified because she is estranged — from the world around her and also from herself. Her loneliness radiates like heat from the pages of this book.

“Oh, no question,” said Gilbride, who has analyzed Kansas City’s game film as part of his prep work for NBC’s broadcasts. “I think they’re vulnerable.” The errant shot had given Osaka’s opponent, Anna Karolina Schmiedlova of Slovakia, the opportunity to score a major upset on her upcoming service game. As Osaka openly fumed in front of the fans scattered about Philippe Chatrier Court, it seemed her dream of winning this year’s Roland Garros and her third straight Grand Slam title was about to come to an abrupt and sloppy end.


23 CommentsShowrunner Steve Blackman tells Entertainment Weekly he pitched the show to Netflix as "a dysfunctional family show with a body count." In 2017 Wickenheiser saw a YouTube video of the women playing hockey with the world’s tallest mountains looming above them. In January 2018 she traveled to Ladakh with Andrew Ference, a retired N.H.L. defenseman who is the league’s director of social impact.

It’s still anyone’s guess whether Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael will get their happily-ever-after in the CW telenovela’s finale on July 31 — the “after” including the return from the dead of Michael (Brett Dier), Jane’s first husband, and a series of unfortunate events that keep derailing her wedding to Rafael. But of course, so much has changed, especially if you look back hundreds of years, tracing the origins of contemporary mothering. Knott, a professor at Indiana University, uses her own path to motherhood, which includes a miscarriage and two successful pregnancies, as the scaffolding for her engaging and pleasingly radical “unconventional history” of this subject. She’s not interested, really, in what patriarchal culture has historically envisioned motherhood to be. Instead, she seeks out a truer, detailed set of accounts: the micro-histories. She combs through letters, diaries, anthropology field notes, doctor’s notes and memoirs to create a “trellis of tiny scenes” that illuminate what mothering truly entailed throughout the last four centuries. “Conceiving, miscarrying, quickening, carrying, birthing,” she writes. “And then, cleaning, feeding, sleeping, not sleeping, providing, being interrupted, passing back and forth. These make up the visceral ongoingness, the blood and guts of being ‘with child.’ The verbs.” So these are the subjects she covers.

The call for mass street protests against Mr. Maduro originated with the head of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, an opposition leader. Mr. Guaidó was sworn in to office on Jan. 5 and soon invoked an article of Venezuela’s Constitution that transfers power to the leader of the National Assembly, the nation’s legislative body, in the event that the presidency becomes vacant. The assembly has declared Mr. Maduro’s re-election last year illegitimate and called for new elections. Mr. Sihotang had lost his fight to receive asylum in the United States a decade ago, a decision he did not appeal after he and thousands like him were granted a temporary reprieve from deportation by the Obama administration. Days after assuming office, President Trump revoked that protection, making Mr. Sihotang and thousands of other asylum seekers suddenly eligible for deportation, though many did not realize it.


That contradicted a report from local authorities in the city of Severodvinsk, about 25 miles away. An official in charge of civil defense said two radiation meters registered a spike. Russian news media later reported radiation briefly rose to 200 times normal background levels. “I’m disappointed in myself and the early Facebook team for not thinking more about how the News Feed algorithm could change our culture, influence elections and empower nationalist leaders,” Mr. Hughes writes.