Oliver Holmes, dressed here as Link from Legend of Zelda, says he's never felt unsafe at a convention due to costumes or costume weapons. 

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T-Mobile has unveiled its new Revvl budget smartphones, the Revvlry and Revvlry+, which are set to launch July 19. Touting the phones as having "flagship features without the flagship price," T-Mobile will be charging .34 per month, with zero down, for the Revvlry, and down plus a month for the Revvlry+ on 24-month contracts.


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A potential mammoth revival is being spearheaded by George Church, a Harvard University biologist and CRISPR pioneer who's spent the last 11 years figuring out how to bring the creature back. Church resembles a Renaissance painting of God: He's a larger-than-life personality with a long white beard and scruffy locks curling across his head in waves. Today he works with nonprofit Revive & Restore, which aims to use the power of genetic engineering to enhance the world's biodiversity.

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A reaction tweet: #SpiderManFarFromHome is wonderful. It’s funny and clever and filled with smart twists. (It also made me have incredibly visceral memories of class trips of yore.) I didn’t leave the theater sad! I am not worried about superheroes’ emotional states! Zendaya!!

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Amazon's two-day sale officially ends at 12 a.m. PT or 3 a.m. ET, and judging from the countdown clocks on the most recent batch of lightning deals, they intend to end the ball on time this year. Although, in years past there have been legacy deals that expired after the sale ended, so you might have some wiggle room.

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Boeing's 737 Max 8 is grounded after two crashes that killed 346 people.

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Getting a smaller storage capacity makes sense when you're shopping for a card for a camera like a GoPro. Plus, this price is ridiculously low. You can go the other direction, too, and get a 512GB card for 6 and save . 

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Well, according to a report by Automobile on Monday, Ford wants to find out because it's going to offer a pickup version of the Bronco SUV. Will it be a perfect storm that has everyone from hard-core off-roaders and mall-crawlers to enthusiasts and your boring-ass dad throwing their hard-earned money at the Blue Oval?

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The tray of utensils -- the kind that would come in handy if you were trying to extract information from someone -- was the first clue I wasn't just hanging around a yet another dimly lit, posh-looking bar. The tray were sitting by a cot, in a dark little room hidden behind a bookcase housing books, pictures and an assortment of decorative knick-knacks, all meant to evoke 1960s London. 

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59: Accessible with Durrr! Emoji inside Pizza Pit restaurant

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I'm accepting my first-world problem with what I hope is a modicum of grace. Maybe I'll find the time or the will to catch up on June's adventures in Gilead on another device. Maybe I won't. I have the date penciled into my calendar for when my 99-cent Hulu subscription time expires. I'll just cancel it then. 

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If you look closely, you'll see that there are optical sensors built into the buds. They detect whether you have the buds in your ears or have removed them, so your music will automatically pause and resume. Like the AirPods, each bud can be used independently of the other, so if you want to go with one bud -- left or right -- you can. 










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  • "Seeing Mad close down hurts, especially during a morbidly depressing year for cartoonists and the comics industry in general. And my heart goes out to the Usual Gang freelancers," Dorkin added. 

  • 2. Place the desired blade -- most come with three to seven blades so you can make noodles in different shapes and sizes -- into your spiralizer. 

  • The Competition and Markets Authority raised concerns that the companies "have ceased to be distinct." In other words, it's worried that the two could merge, which would reduce consumer choice and break competition rules.



You'll have guaranteed Wi-Fi, a 24-hour access lockbox and extra space to bring the family or a travel companion for local dinners out. An Airbnb will have more homey personality than some anonymous hotel room, and you can extend stay through the weekend -- you will, of course, have to pay for the extra days.